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The smartest employee and dealer tracking web as well as mobile portal.

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Smart Mobile GPS Tracking System is the one of the smartest employee and dealer tracking web as well as mobile portal which helps company to track Channel partner (Dealer / Distributor) and employees (Salesman) in the field. This portal provides Administrator panel, Employee panel, Account panel, Dealer panel and depot panel. Each user has its own profiling as well as its own customized reporting which helps them to keep track of their work and connects them with administrator with real time notifications. Smart Tracking System also available in Android. So, the web portal is always with them. We provide Employee and Dealer android versions mobile applications.

Smart Mobile GPS Tracking System can be useful in firms like Agriculture, Fertilizer, pesticide, Seeds, bio-chemicals as well as for the company where dealers or employees taking orders in the field.

Below is the role wise feature list which helps you to understand the product available in web portal and Android mobile application.

Channel partner (Dealer / Distributor)

Channer partner or dealer order tracking system is use for online order tracking system, dealer car put the order online and instantly forwarded to administrator or depot panel, dealer manage order with view in details...

  • Security with login
  • New Order with product, qty and transportation details
  • Manage Order with Pending/Approved/Dispatch/Part Dispatch Status
  • Favorite products and product list
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Employee Team (Employee/Salesman)

Employee tracking system with online attendance system, online tracking that depending on mobile location tracking system.

  • Security with login
  • Location Tracking: Location tracking with visited place and auto calculate KM on day ending.
  • Employee Parties: Manage perticular party order, order status, payment and personal ledger.
  • Product Planning: Plan the product selling with target and sends to upper level users for confirmation. Upper level user can modify the target and confirm back to the employee.
  • Tour Planning: Employee can plan the tour date wise with places to visit and actual visited places.
  • Employee Billing: Enters billing with date, amount, detail and photographs (bill photo) to manage expanse i.e. Patrol, Diesel, Food, Traveling, Accommodation, Courier etc. This bill calculation will affect in T.A / D.A. Reports.
  • Employee Activities: Enter activities with date, detail and photographs which is then approved by upper level users.
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Smart Tracking sytem

Depot/Zone Panel(web panel)

Depot/Zone access all parties orders with status, depot indent, indent transfer, reporting like party wise order summery or order wise summery etc.

  • Security with depot user login
  • Dealers/parties order, payment management
  • Depot order(indent) and indent transfer to another depot
  • Reporting like Party order summery, date wise order summery, order wise summery etc.
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Administrator panel(web panel)

Fully control on project with monitoring in parties order, accept and reject parties order, depot indent management, dealers management, employee management, employee reporting like employee tracking system, employee ta/da report, employee billing, employee activities etc.

  • Security with depot admin login
  • Dashboard: Pending dealer order summary and pending depot order summary.
  • Manage Orders: Mange dealer orders with custom search i.e. date, PO number, status and state.
  • Depot Indent: Mange depot orders with custom search i.e. date, PO number, status and state, Move order (full or partial) to another depot.
  • Manage Dealers: Manage state wise with dealer with new dealer registration, listing and custom search i.e. State, Officer, name, contact number and status, dealer payment.
  • Mange Employees: Manage employee reporting tools, locatin monitoring, ta/da report etc
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Smart Tracking sytem

HR/Recruitment & Payroll Panel(web panel)

HR/Recruitment Module & payroall with Employee Management, Set allowances like PF, HRA, DA, TA etc, Salary Management with reporting .

  • HR Module with HR user login
  • Applicant: Employee management with Recruitment, Interview, Selection and store applicant data with resume.
  • Employee Management: Manage employee with final selection, set designation and manage employee profile, activities, billing, TA/DA report etc.
  • Attendance: Employee attendance with auto calculate present days, absent, leave, paid leave etc.
  • Employee Salary: Employee salary auto generated with ta/da report and auto generate salary sleep, just a verify this.
  • Payroll: Payroll management with attendance report, salary sleep, salary reports, payroll report.
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Smart Tracking sytem

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